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Am Not Gonna Lose To Someone Who Was Smacked In The Face By AKA – Slik Talk Fires Cassper, Assures His Readiness For The Boxing Fight



Hell is going to let lose come December 22nd 2021 when Cassper Nyovest takes up podcaster Slik Talk in a boxing match.

Both have been given updates through their social media handle on their readiness and modus operandi for the fight.

In a recent development, Slik Talk shared a new video through his Youtube channel where he assured a total win for himself.

In the video, Slik Talk said he can never lose to Cassper Nyovest describing him as an emotional little girl who fell for the bait.

In the video he shared, he thanked Cassper for “taking the bait” and called him an emotional little girl.

“The boys are up baby, the boys are up,” he said with a smile plastered on his face. “A hundred f*****n K (thousand). I’m not gonna lie to you Cassper, I’m doing it for the money, f*** it.”

“Thank you Cassper for being such an emotional little girl, now you’re about to get knocked the f*** out on the 22nd of December… I’m not going to lose to someone who was smacked in the face by AKA, that is not gonna happen.”

Slik also made it clear that people should refer to him as Slik Money Mayweather, a reference to renowned undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather.

“Do you really think that you’re gonna beat me, my n*****? I don’t give a damn if you’ve been training for two years, five years, 10 years, there’s absolutely no way in hell that Cassper Nyovest’s gonna beat me in a boxing match.”

He then added that Cassper was probably mistaken into thinking he’s short after seeing him sit on a low chair during his MacG interview when he’s in fact six feet tall and played rugby, and did shot put for seven years.

After weeks of back and forths, the news of the fight was shared by Cassper on Monday on social media along with a poster of the fight.

“So it’s set in stone,” he said. “Not the fight I wanted to start with but at least the dude had the balls to back his words up, unlike all the guys who ran their mouth and then ran away.

“I have a little bit of respect for him for taking the fight but I am going to knock him out!”

In the other news, Cassper Nyovest a few days through his official Instagram page said he wasn’t expecting the boxing fight from Slick Talk but vowed to knock out.


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