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What Was Nik Sharp Cause Of Death?, Who Was Nick Sharp From Suburban Tragedy? Biography & Age



Is Nick Sharp Dead? What Was His Cause Of Death?, Just a few hours ago the social media users were shocked to hear the sudden demise of one of the talented souls in Nashville, Nik Sharp. Many would-be wondering if the news is really true, sadly it has been confirmed that Nik Sharp a member of the Suburban Tragedy band group unexpectedly passed away today. Friends and fans of the talented singer flooded the social media to pen down their heartfelt tribute to the deceased.

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So many really want to know more about this beautiful soul who just lost his life unexpectedly today and we will be writing down a brief profile, biography and more about Nik Sharp.

Who Was Nik Sharp? Few Things You Need To Know About Him!


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Continue reading to know more about Nik Sharp!.., Nik Sharp born in Palm Harbor, Florida was a notable Sinatra singer and guitarist who had a lot of hit tracks to his name. He is also the owner of Audidio, a music recording company based in Nashville, Tennessee, United States.

Nik learned how to sing Sinatra by listening to Frank’s live performances and really captures that energy.

As a child, he would dance around his grandparent’s and great grandparent’s houses, while singing Sinatra songs at the top of his lungs.

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As a teenager, Nik’s passion for music led him to form a punk rock band called Suburban Tragedy. From 2001 to 2011, they sold over 40,000 records in the Tampa Bay area, even having their songs appear on MTV.

During this time, Nik also wrote and performed the morning show theme songs for Tampa radio stations HOT 101.5 and 97X WSUN, which for years, were heard by hundreds of thousands of people per day. Just for fun, in 2014, he sang his first Sinatra show at a small Greek restaurant at the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks. 117 people paid to see him.

He went back a second time a few months later and over 200 people attended. Fast forward 6 months, with the 17 piece Helios Jazz Band Orchestra, Nik organized a red carpet concert at the Innisbrook Resort, in Tampa Bay, Florida. CBS-TAMPA, Channel 10 News anchor Reginald Roundtree, hosted the successful sold out 500 person event.

From 2001 to 2011 Nik Sharp was the lead singer and songwriter for the popular, alternative rock band, Suburban Tragedy. His band found success with their song “Epitome of Me” topping the charts at 97X WSUN, Tampa. For seven long years, the listeners of 97X also identified the Fisher and Boy Morning Show with the theme song, “Wake Up” which Nik wrote and performed.

This same show has continued to sell out year after year, for the past 4 years. In March of 2015, Nik signed a publishing contract with a company in Tennessee and moved to Nashville to write songs for record companies and artists.


He graduated from Yale University where he studied Marketing.

What Was Nik Sharp Cause Of Death?

Nik Sharp was reported to have passed away on December 15 2021. No information has been released by the family and management about what killed Nik Sharp. We will update this page once we get information from an authentic source about what really happened.

Nik who touched lives through his songs will really be missed by fans.

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