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#JusticeForOratileKeleketu : South Africans seek justice for a man stabbed to death by his lover Bonnie Bokang



Is this real Love or Fake!! Sometimes love is too intoxicating and powerful, this young Oratile Keleketu is currently trending not because of something good but because he is a victim of love.

Reports gathered said he was stabbed to death by his own girlfriend identified as Bonnie Bokang Mokogosi.

Yes you heard me right, he was stabbed to death by his girlfriend, It’s not only women and children who experience gender-based violence and that is what we don’t look at as people.

He didn’t deserve to have his life taken like that. A lot of men don’t come through when abused by women because of fear and being laughed at.

They keep wanting to protect the partner and Oratile is now gone through her hands.

His family on Tuesday morning took to social media, sharing details of his death and are calling for his killer to be brought to justice.

Mavin Othabo Oratile’s cousin brother have taken much of his time on Twitter on Monday evening sharing that his nephew was stabbed by his girlfriend.

His post sparked an uproar with more men speaking out about being in abusive and toxic relationships with women.

In one response a Twitter user, Bruce Baps shared that he was almost stabbed by his girlfriend this past weekend.

“Almost got stabbed by my girlfriend on Saturday I was fortunate the security came to rescue me. I packed my stuff and left sometime after that.


She slapped me a couple of times, I couldn’t retaliate because it’s a woman I just stood while she was slapping me,” he recounted.

Oratile “Ghetto Boy” Keleketu was a vocalist/MC and lived in Mohlakeng, west of Johannesburg.

At the time of publication, his family could not be reached for comment.

Most men in abusive relationships don’t seek help or disclose that they are victims of domestic abuse.

They fear they will be ridiculed and perceived to be less masculine if they report abuse.

According to Reuters, most men become too despondent and depressed to leave toxic situations.

What’s more, is that there’s a misconception that gender-based violence (GBV) platforms and services are reserved for women alone.

In heterosexual relationships, women are taught that women are subjected to domestic abuse. Men are never told to equally be on their guard because GBV is seen as something that only happens to women.

Although details about what led to the incident are still shady many netizens have already started asking for justice to prevail over the matter.



Below Is A Look At What South Africans Are Saying About The Whole Incident

Cynthia – Twitter

1)Violence is not an answer
2)if you not happy in a relationship just leave
3) do not resort to violence
4) take care of your mental health,it is very important
5) this pandemic affects every gender that’s why it’s called Gender Based Violence

Khanyo – Twitter


“This thing of pretending like GBV against men does not exist must stop, I will no longer be part of it. These women are killing our brothers 💔. No gender is more important than the other #JusticeForOratileKeleketu.”

Prudi – Twitter


“Black men and women! using this hashtag to attack one another will not bring any justice to the deceased!💔 can we all just come together and use this hashtag to fight for justice for Oratile. That girl must be jailed!”

Mandisi Nqobani Mbambo – Twiiter


“I know this couple, he was abusing her every day”… “He must have pushed her too far”…”She needs to be mentally checked, she wasn’t herself lately” as I’m patiently waiting for these excuses and many more others, because a woman is always a victim.”

Ntombi Mathonsi – Twitter


“Hayi guys shame on yal. Some has passed on n yal arguing about male vs female drama? Are we not supposed to spread thw word: #JusticeForOratileKeleketu and make sure he n family gets it? Stop hle!”


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