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Vicente Fernandez Death: The last hours of popular singer, his children managed to say goodbye



After spending over 100 days in the hospital, Popular Mexican singer Vicente Fernández, unfortunately, lost his life at the age of 81 on Sunday morning, December 12.

The shocking news was released from his family through the singer’s Instagram profile.

A few days ago, the “Charro de Huentitán” had re-entered the intensive care area due to an inflammation in the respiratory tract. The situation was alarming because, until that moment, the medical reports indicated that the interpreter of the Mexican regional had already presented a notable improvement and was under treatment.

During the morning of last Saturday, the singer’s family published a new statement on Vicente Fernández’s Instagram profile, with which they tried to put an end to the speculations about his health and, unfortunately, they confirmed that the outlook is serious.

Due to increased inflammation of your airways and increased respiratory support.

“Mr. Vicente Fernández in the last 12 hours presented an exacerbation in his health. You have increased inflammation in your lower airways and increased respiratory support. Sedation was required to maintain comfort. Multidisciplinary management continues. His condition today is critical. Very reserved forecast ”, the text reads.

The report concluded with a thank you for the thousands of fans who have been aware of the health of “Charro de Huentitán” and have sent prayers.

Due to the worrying situation, many media gathered on the outskirts of Century 2000 in Guadalajara, Jalisco , a hospital where Vicente Fernández had been hospitalized since he suffered a fall inside his “Los Tres Potrillos” ranch.

From that point, he had contact with some members of the family, who tried not to give statements during their constant visits.

Vicente Fernández Jr. had been captured by the VLA cameras when he left the hospital and, faced with the wave of questions about his father’s health, he only commented that the situation he faces is already described in the statement that was published on the account. official Instagram of the interpreter of Acá entre nos .

” Things are as the medical report said. We are waiting, it is critical, it is delicate, we are waiting for them to give results or something. Thank you for being here ”, he declared.

Due to the discouraging outlook, some versions began to circulate on the internet that pointed to the possible death of the famous singer, information that until last night had been denied by the family itself, this according to what the entertainment journalist announced, Flor Rubio.

“Unfortunately there are already circulating, on social networks, versions that assure that Don Vicente Fernández has died, this is a lie. I want to tell you that a few minutes ago I contacted Vicente Fernández Jr., who assures me that Don Vicente Fernández is alive in a serious, delicate situation, “said the journalist.

The information had also been supported by one of the doctors treating the 82-year-old singer, since in communication with a TV Azteca reporter, he reported that “Chente” as well and was still alive.

In addition to the eldest son of the “Charro de Huentitán”, yesterday his son Gerardo Fernández and his grandsons Alex and Camila also attended the hospital , both the result of the relationship that Alejandro Fernández had with América Guinart.

Alejandro Fernández took advantage of his presentations at the National Auditorium to directly thank the public and asked for a prayer chain for his father’s speedy recovery with the hope that he would recover very soon.

“I think this is one of the most difficult nights and I think that love and music is medicine. I have always believed in miracles. We are going to need a lot of your prayers and your good vibes . ”, He said last Thursday from the stage.


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