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This is why Soweto TV suspended Bishop Bafana Zondo‘s TV programme



It is no longer news that Soweto TV suspended Bishop Bafana Zondo‘s TV programme.

The South African community television channel pulled Bafana Zondo’s television show off-air due to his current trial in Pretoria High Court over issues related to sexual abuse and gender-based violence, the suspension also has something to do with the 16 days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children Campaign.

Confirming this was the presiding Bishop of Rivers of Living Water Bafana Zondo said: “We learnt that Soweto TV has decided to suspend the airing of Rivers of Living Waters programs during this period of 16 days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children Campaign, “ he said.

The Bishop said he welcomed the new development

“As the church, we understand and remain sensitive to the issues relating to Gender-Based Violence because it is our moral obligation to promote the notion of peace, love and not violence. For this reason, we support the decision by Soweto TV regarding the suspension of our programs.

“However, it should be understood that only a bold and resolute action, rather than outrage, is what the country needs to change the shocking state of affairs relating to Gender Based Violence. As a global ministry, we remain steadfast on our view that there is, a need to work together, as humanity, to fight the scourge of Gender-Based Violence,” he further said.

Bishop Zondo is being tried in the Pretoria High Court by 10 women who are accusing him of rape and sexual assault.

He has pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him.

“More importantly, the church and the Archbishop reiterate their stance that they condemn any acts of violence against Women and Children. We will engage with Soweto tv on the decision taken and hope that a lasting solution is found,” he said.



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