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“How hacked baby monitor used to wake up our 1yr-old son at 2 am every day” – UK couple shares their story



A few months ago, Shannon Richardson (22) and his partner Jack Gray, who live in Banbury, Oxfordshire, noticed that their son Freddie 1 year and 3 months old baby always wakes up around 2 am every day, the reason behind this will shock you.

The couple after much examination found out why their child always wakes up around 2 am every day was caused by a baby monitor that watches over the baby in a remote room while doing household chores or even at midnight.

While the number of people who use it casually is increasing because of its convenience, it seems that there are many people who suffer from the freezing of their spine.

The couple were embarrassed not knowing why their son woke up at the same time in the middle of the night and was having trouble falling asleep, but one day they were shocked to find out why.

It was around 2:30 am in October. As Shannon and Jack were watching TV, the monitor showing Freddie’s room on the second floor caught the rumbling sound.

The two said, “I’m sure my son is up again and must be moving in the crib.”

Shannon looks back on that time like this.

“Suddenly I heard a low man’s voice clearly from Freddie’s room. It was talking to’Baby’and’Baba’ as if to wake up his son, and Jack was convinced that there was an intruder in his son’s room. , I ran up the stairs with tremendous momentum. ”

“And when Jack rushed in and opened the door, the baby monitor’s camera moved with Jack’s movements. There was only Freddie in the room, but Jack grabbed the monitor that was mounted on the wall. When I took it, I picked up Freddie. ”

“We went to our bedroom and sat down in shock, not knowing what to believe or what to do. Unbelievably, the baby monitor was hacked and the man’s voice was heard. I heard it from the monitor! ”

Jack then dumped his baby monitor in the garbage bin, and Freddie hasn’t woken up in the middle of the night ever since. Shannon, who has been using baby monitors since Freddie’s birth, said this.

“I thought the baby monitor was convenient and safe because I could watch over my son, but I was afraid to stay at home and spend more time at my mother’s house. Also Freddie in room 1 I was reluctant to let people sleep, and my son slept with me for a while. ”

“I don’t know how long the man was looking at that room. But after my son took a bath, he changed his clothes in the room, and when he woke up in the middle of the night, we went to the room and put him to sleep. Who would think that he was looking into the room through a baby monitor? I wonder if that voice was a local man who was watching us for at least a few weeks … I feel sick and scared. “


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