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See The New Mercedes Benz Car Mr JazziQ Bought For His Mother (Photo)



See like South African celebrities are celebrating their mothers today, barely a few hours after Busta 929 announced that he bought a car for his month, music producer Mr JazziQ also followed the lead.

Mr JazziQ took to his official Instagram page to announce and show off the new Mercedes Benz car he bought for his mother.

According to the music star, he had a few years ago promised to buy a car for his mother when he makes it big and has finally fulfilled his promise.

JazziQ shared a photo of his young-looking mom holding a bouquet and standing behind the new car.

Fans and friends congratulated the musician for making his mom happy.

“Once upon a time I promised my mommy a Mercedes-Benz. I love you mother,” he captioned snap.


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