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Will there be Christmas lockdown as fresh new covid-19 cases rises in South Africa?



Another lockdown looms as researchers claim a new variant of Covid-19 has entered the country.

Speaking briefly on this was the minister of the presidency, Mondli Gungube who said he wishes there the country would not be lockdown again especially during this Christmas holiday.

On Friday, minister Mondli Gungubele said the outcome of the meeting, as well as discussions in the president’s coordinating council and cabinet, would be communicated “in the coming days”.

He said, “scientific evidence and submissions by different economic and social sectors will give a conclusive executive decision on what next to do”.

But on Thursday, Gungubele appeared to rule out another hard lockdown that could wreck Christmas plans for families nationwide.

“We wish there must never be a possibility of locking down this country again. We are still dealing with the damage of 2020,” he told a media briefing after a cabinet meeting.

The next council meeting on Sunday will hear from ministerial advisory committees drawing up recommendations after Thursday’s announcement of the B.1.1.529 coronavirus variant, set to be named Nu at a World Health Organisation meeting on Friday.


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