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Pfizer set to evaluate data on the efficacy of its vaccine against the new variant of COVID-19 in two weeks



American multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation Pfizer has decided to evaluate data on the efficacy of their vaccine against the new variant of COVID-19 discovered in South Africa.

The covid-19 variant B.1.1529 was detected in South Africa just few days ago.

A German laboratory BioNTech, a partner of Pfizer, hopes to have the first results of the studies that will determine if the new variant of COVID-19 detected in South Africa is capable of escaping the protection of the vaccine, at the latest ” in two weeks, ” he said. a spokeswoman.

” We have immediately launched studies on variant B.1.1.529, ” which ” clearly differs from the variants already known because it has additional mutations in the spike protein ” characteristic of the SARS-Cov-2 virus, the spokeswoman explained to the agency of AFP news.

” Pfizer and BioNTech prepared several months ago to adjust their vaccine in less than six weeks and deliver the first doses in 100 days ” if a variant proved resistant.

The discovery of the new variant by South African scientists has sparked global alarm, amid concerns that its numerous mutations could make it even more dangerous than the highly contagious Delta strain.

Several countries, such as the UK, Italy, Germany and Singapore, have taken steps to restrict travel from South Africa to prevent the spread of the variant.

However, Pfizer claimed that even if its injection, based on novel mRNA technology, had to be modified, the changes could be made quickly.

This Friday, the World Health Organization announced that it will convene a meeting of experts to evaluate the new variant, amid growing concern worldwide.


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