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Farra Inalis Biodata – Malaysian entertainer Ariz Ramli ties knot with the love of his life Farra Inalis



Singer Caprice and Malaysian Youtube artist Ariz Ramli, aged 33, is believed to be safely married to the girl of his choice known as Farra Inalis, 26 when he shared a video of wearing sedondon clothes on Instagram (IG), tonight.

In the 37 -second video, Caprice or real name Ariz Ramli, 33, was seen wearing a complete Malay shirt with a white hue, while the girl was wearing a modern kurung of the same hue.

Through the captions accompanying the post, the sensational rapper did not explain in detail about the wedding nor and the identity of the woman who looked friendly by his side.


Last night (Monday, 15th November), Caprice (real name Ariz Ramli) uploaded a 37-second clip taken from his wedding ceremony on his Instagram page.

“Halal @farra_inalis,” the “Abang Nak Tegur” jam-maker wrote on his caption.

“Sorry I’ve been away for over 40 days now. Been going through a lot. InsyaAllah (God willing), I’ll share what happened in the near future.”

Farra also took to her social media to share some exclusive footage and photos taken during the traditional Akad nikah ceremony.

Not only that, the 26-year-old shared a post showing a little girl wearing a white dress, believed to be her daughter, on her IG Story, further raising everyone’s speculations regarding her previous marital status.

Instead, the singer of the song Baby Sayang promised to share the real story behind the uploaded post in the near future.

“Halal. Sorry because I ‘disappeared’ for over 40 days. A lot of things I went through.

“God willing I will share what happened

“Please follow the @signbycap account because I will upload all the entries there because I am blocked from using the @capriceofficial account,” he wrote.

He added that the explanation was made because he was contacted by many parties, including the media, who wanted to know for sure whether it was true that he was married quietly?

“Sorry for all the inconvenience. God willing, I will share later and come back with more enthusiasm,” he said.

Meanwhile, reviewing the IG account of a woman who uses the name @farra_inalis as written by Caprice in the video shared, the woman who is believed to be the mother of a woman also uploaded a video at a ceremony that took place at her residence.

Believed to be a businessman based on information written in the biography column at IG, the woman shared a photo that saw her hugging the singer with the caption ‘my hubby’ as if to confirm that they are safe as husband and wife.

Efforts to get Caprice however failed when the message sent went unanswered.

Who Is Farra Inalis?

Not much is known about this beautiful woman but according to her husband Caprice –

Farra Inalis is a single mom and she or he is from Kelantan.

She is a profitable lady and also an entrepreneur too.


Farra_inalis  –  simple yet so meaningful 🤍
Anugerah terindah yang Allah pinjamkan untuk menjadi sebagai kekuatan aku di dunia ini . Alhamdulillah
dear @aleesya_sofeaaaaaa , tiada kata dapat mummy ungkap untuk nyatakan perasaan ini , semoga kebahagiaan dan kejayaan mengiri mu .. menjadi anak yang baik dan taat pada ibu bapa mu .. belajar pandai2 ok syg !
mummy love you so much

Who Is Ariz Ramli?

Ariz Ramli or famously known as Caprice. He is a 22 years old boy from Damansara who had shared his love of the music industry on Youtube since the year 2007 and still now, he still stands as a Malaysian rapper.

He has his own studio record label which is What’s Up Entertainment Records.

He is an artist, entrepreneur and producer in the music industry.

Lots of his songs had blasted the teenager’s soul with his rap and diss songs. Well, you guys can hear his song


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