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Double Miracle: Woman wakes up from seven-week Covid coma to discover she has given birth to baby girl



This is a miracle, the woman finally wakes up from seven weeks coma to behold her bundle of joy.

The woman identified as Laura Ward was reported to have fallen ill after catching Covid-19 while pregnant with her daughter Hope.

Doctors said her condition went deteriorating that she had to be sedated for emergency surgery at 31 weeks two months before her due date of delivery.

Her baby Hope was born weighing 31lb 7oz at Royal Bolton Hospital.

But for mum Laura, it was just the beginning of a horrific ordeal that at times her family feared she would never recover from.

The primary school teaching assistant finished school for the summer holidays with just a slight cough.

A lateral flow test was negative, but when she didn’t improve, she decided to get a PCR, which came back positive.

Following the guidance to isolate, Laura found she was struggling to breathe and after calling 111 for advice she was advised to go to the hospital.

Laura, who had no underlying health conditions other than gestational diabetes, didn’t have the Covid vaccination earlier in her pregnancy as initially it wasn’t recommended for pregnant women. By the time she was offered it, it was too late.

With the 33-year-old’s condition worsening over the fortnight or so in hospital, she was sent to maternity to check on the baby and was told they may have to deliver early.

The last thing Laura remembers is arriving back on the Covid ward and despite since being told that she nodded her head to give consent to Hope’s delivery, she has no recollection whatsoever.

Her partner John Leece was called to the hospital but, due to Covid restrictions, he was not allowed into the operating theatre.

Laura’s next memory was waking up seven weeks later, on September 30, to be greeted with the sight of the daughter she didn’t even know she had had.

‘I opened my eyes to see Hope on the bed with me, but I couldn’t move any part of my body,’ says Laura, from Tyldesley, Wigan.

‘All I could do was shake and nod my head.’


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