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Pabi Cooper Is Now A Record Label Owner – (See The Name)



South African songstress, Pabi Cooper has now become the CEO of her new business and she is proud to say it out to her fans.

The music star who is still reaping the success of her viral song Isiphithiphitji took to her official Instagram page to announce the launch of her new record label “Cooper Entertainment”.

Sharing the news on her IG page the singer said the record label was her first baby and also revealed the logo for branding.

“MY FIRST BABY. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you COOPER ENTERTAINMENT,” she said.

Cooper made headlines some months back after the release of her first single which had the likes of Mr JazziQ and many others featured on the track.

A few days ago while thanking fans for their support the singer announced that the song has raked over 3 million views on YouTube.


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