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Marilia Mendonca death: Popular Brazilian singer and Latin Grammy award winner dies in a plane crash



Popular Brazilian singer and Latin Grammy award winner Marilia Mendonca has been confirmed dead.

Marilia died alongside four other persons in a plane crash travelling for a concert.

The 26-year-old Latin Grammy winner died along with her producer, her uncle, who also worked as her adviser, and both the pilot and co-pilot of the plane, her press office said in a statement.

Ms Mendonça had posted a photo to her 38 million Instagram followers showing her walking towards the plane with a guitar case in hand.

Reports gathered say, The plane had departed from Ms Mendonça’s hometown of Goiania and crashed shortly before arrival in Caratinga on Friday afternoon, where she had a concert scheduled later in the day.

Photos and videos show the wreckage of the plane lying near a waterfall.

Ms Mendonça performed country music, called sertanejo in Brazil, and was known for songs that addressed feminist issues and celebrated female empowerment.

Fans, politicians, fellow musicians and football players have commented following news of her death.


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