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Authorities lockdown a local secondary school in Wythenshawe following a false alarm of gunman attack



A local school in Manchester was on Tuesday locked down moments after officials received a warning from an unidentified gunman.

The secondary school located in Wythenshawe was put under close monitoring and apparently lockdown following reports of a gunman.

Reports said the police were called to Moor Road at 9.10 am following reports of a man with a gun.

They were called following false reports of a man with a gun outside Manchester Health Academy.

An eye Witnesses described seeing a man with a gun outside the school, thus fueling fears.

Police have launched an investigation to find out who the caller of the incident had been.

Despite the call being a hoax, police will now remain in the immediate area on patrol.

The school authorities had released messages to the parents telling them that the school had been put into a partial lockdown this was moments before the alarm was believed to have been false.

The academy said: “Police are currently checking an incident outside of the school.

“As a result, the school has gone into a partial lockdown.

“Please do not be concerned.

“The police have requested you do not approach the school in the order they can monitor the situation.”


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