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Video Of A Frog Coming Out Of A Lady Private Part Is Trending In South Africa



Social media users in South Africa woke up with eyes popping out after watching a bizarre video showing the moment a lady was seen giving birth to a frog, watching closely in the video it seems the video was pulled out from the girl’s private part (V$gina).

The video which has gotten thousands of views on Twitter and other social media platforms has sparked outrage with many questioning the authenticity of the video.

We are following closely to get more information about the circumstances surrounding the video the source from where emanated and here is what we observed.

Frog Video Trending South Was First Shared On Twitter

Many are asking the source from where the video surfaced from and indications show it was first shared on Twitter through an anonymous source and later spread to other platforms after it was heavily shared.

A Facebook user who said the video was not related to any witchcraft as claimed by many, further made a clarity about the clip, read below to know more about it.

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Circumstances Surrounding The Frog Video In SA

Though we are yet to confirm it is true a Facebook user who said she want to go anonymous said the frog video was not witchcraft but a ritual for fertility most practised in some parts of the country for people who can’t have kids. The user further claimed she has done and currently have children.

Read As posted by the FB user:- The frog video is not witchcraft. It is a ritual for fertility, if you can’t have kids and they do that to you then you’ll have kids. I have done it and I have many kids now!

Another user who was displeased with how the video was shared online and taken as a joke wrote – Am so Hurt and Disappointed on how we handle these Days. The Frog Video. Am not happy so far with what I came across on Social Media. Things like that you don’t laugh at them. You pray for them. It hurts how everything is a joke this day. We don’t know what happened or what She has done. But Botlhoko boo boka nkgarola pelo to see My Sister or Daughter goes through that.

Where Can I Watch The Frog Video?

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we can’t share the frog video on our website but you can watch it on social media platforms where it has been countless times.

But Note, if you are not comfortable watching gory and bizarre videos don’t bother looking for them as it is really gory and graphic to watch.


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