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Stay Away From Lean – Makwa Warn Fans, Says He’s Off It



South African music producer has used a keen voice to advise his fans to stay out from lean after publicly announcing he has called a quit from lean addiction.

The talented music star took his social media page to express his happiness quitting his addicted lean life. He said it wasn’t easy for him to quit lean but finally made his way out of it.

He further explained the signs of stopping lean and also the side effects of taking lean.

Read His Tweets Below:-

“Quitting lean ain’t child’s play. But I’m glad I’m off it and eat a lot now,” 

“First sign of stopping lean is a runny tummy. Codeine constipates your intestines. Don’t worry, let the tummy run to drain the lean. Just drink lots of water. Also remember it has too much sugar so diabetes might come knocking in,” 

“When you don’t have it, you’ll be mad and when you get it, you’ll be happy and that’s f**cked up,” 


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