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I Do My Thing My Own Way – Donald Lashes On Tweeps Who Compares Him With Upcoming Artists



South African soulmate singer, Donald is now coming hard on fans and netizens who are comparing him with new acts in the music industry.

The infuriated singer made it clear to inquisitive fans that he does his own thing the way he decides to and those who are not finding it comfortable should find their way out.

He stated this in a series of tweets made through his official Twitter page.

The tweets read:- “With all due respect, please don’t compare me to any of the new crop of artists, there’s no sense in that, I love most of them and loudly support them in what they do, but we are in no way in the same journey, Let’s respect each other, show love & encourage,”.

In a subsequent tweet, Donald cautioned a fan who via Twitter said he has a lazy team who are not following the trends.

Donald tweeted:- I respect your opinion on how lazy you think my team is, but please do research on my brand, then you will know that I don’t follow the game, I do my thing my own way, If it doesn’t work for you, then that’s okay. Danko.


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