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Kerala man slammed a fine of Rs5 million and double life imprisonment for killing his wife with a snake



Indian state court on Wednesday gave double life imprisonment to a man already convicted of killing his wife with a snakebite last year May.

According to reports gathered the Kerala man was said to have used a cobra and viper to silence the life of his wife he was sentenced to double life imprisonment in what was termed rarest of rare cases by the prosecutor.

He has also slammed a fine of Rs5 million (Dhs250,000). The 28-year-old man identified as Sooraj Kumar intentionally threw a cobra at her sleeping wife to induce a homicidal snakebite.

It was the first case in India where a man getting punished for murder using an animal. In the previous two cases, the court had acquitted the defendants as their guilt could not be established.

In the Uthra case, considered as a specimen for criminal investigation studies, the police cracked it using a dummy reptile and recreating the entire crime scene.

Sooraj pleaded not guilty but police said his phone records showed he was in touch with snake handlers and had watched snake videos on the internet before the killing in March last year in Kollam in the southern state of Kerala.

“The mode of execution and the diabolic plan of the accused to murder Uthra, his wife who was bedridden, makes it (the case) fall into the category of rarest of rare,” said the public prosecutor, who had sought the death penalty.

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