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DJ Maphorisa Wants To Know Why Shimza Is Making Music Alone



DJ Maphorisa says he wants to know why his fellow music producer, Shimza is making music alone as he ought to be pushing his young upcoming and talented stars. DJ Maphorisa who made the comment through Shimza Facebook wall said he had to speak out on this one to bare his heart.

Reacting to Shimza’s Facebook post, Lawd Phori bluntly said: “Why you always make music alone, no young up and coming nyana every time Shimza’s alone. Grow this afro movement uplift young talent bro, please. That’s why they end up hating us cause you close doors. Don’t tell me you made that beat alone, sorry but I had to take out my chest in front of everyone, love you mfanaka but I can’t!”

In response, the Afrotech DJ said his record label, Kunye Record aims at helping other artists and that’s why he has an event named Kunye, where other artists come to showcase their talents.

He further defended himself by saying they both work differently.

“You know what I’m talking about. The ghost producers that you give a once-off fee to. This thing must stop. You must give them credit on your song and let them shine,” Maphorisa added.

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