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Fans in shock following actress Emily Ratajkowski’s alleged confessions of sexual harassment by singer Robin Thicke



Actress  Emily Ratajkowski alleged has revealed how she was sexually harassed by singer Robin Thicke during the shooting of her music video hit “Blurred Lines” in 2013.

The 30-year-old singer confessed that the American-Canadian record producer sexually harassed her while filming the video as she filmed Robin topless at the time, and the director who witnessed the scene was said to have been furious with Robin.

According to The Sunday Times, Emily Ratajkowski confessed that she was touched by Robin Thicke while shooting a music video in her debut book “My Body”.

In Robin’s music video, Emily stood in a nude-coloured T-back, and behind her, Robin in a suit sang with her body tight.

In his book, Emily looked back at the time of the shoot and confessed, “Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone’s hand, which feels cold and foreign from behind, grabbed my bare chest.” I revealed to.

“I quickly lifted myself and looked back at Robin Thicke, who was behind him, and when he gave a stupid grin, he covered his eyes with sunglasses and staggered behind, and I was on the shoot set. I turned to the darkness over there. ”

Robin’s actions made Emily feel “it seemed like she was naked for the first time on this day.”

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