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Pearl Modiadie Reveals What Turned Her Left Eye Red



Pearl Modiadie social media was squashed with many messages from fans who cared to know what went wrong with her left eye.

The South African actress has posted a picture of herself on Instagram and some fans were quick to spot that her right eye was red. To clear the air, Pearl to her Instagram stories to explain what really happened.

Speaking on what happened Pearl assured her fans that is okay now but not really when earlier posted a video and explained that the reason for her red-eye was because she had the worst migraine.

Via her Insta Stories, she wrote:- I am great, I hope and I am saying I am great because I am getting a lot of messages of concern regarding the last snap that I posted because my left eye is red. I am okay now but I wasn’t when I took that video because I had the worst migraine in the world. I was fine by the morning though but yea I am getting messages of concern. I am really okay, I promise”.

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