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Police have arrested a suspected kidnapper Alex Jonathan Malel for abducting a 14-year-old girl from her parents home in Nyeri county


A 14-year-old juvenile who had been abducted from her parents home in Nyeri county on August 25, 2021, has been rescued by detectives from her captor.

According to the police, The minor was rescued at Mto wa Mbu town in Tanzania, 514-kilometres away from her parents’ home and the main suspect Alex Jonathan Malel, 19, have been arrested.

Before her disappearance, Malel worked as a night guard at an establishment near the minor’s home. The school-going child was on her midterm break when the unfortunate incident happened.

On a fateful night, she had stepped out of their house to answer a call of nature at 2am, only for her parents to wake up in the morning and find their daughter missing. They immediately reported at Gatitu police post but due to the gravity of the matter,

Nyeri county criminal investigations officer John Gacheru, took over the investigations and escalated his file to headquarters for specialized action. And in a meticulously planned rescue mission led by DCI’s elite Special Service Unit and Tanzania’s regional crime office.

based in Arusha, Malel was finally cornered yesterday morning at 2am, within Engarika area & the girl rescued. Tears flowed freely from the minor’s relatives and friends, as she was reunited with her distraught kin who have known no peace since her disappearance.

DCI appreciates the immediate action taken by Interpol, in facilitating the SSU detectives augmented by a detachment from the Nyeri County Criminal Investigations office and police officers from Mto wa Mbu in Tanzania, in ensuring that the class 8 pupil is rescued and the suspect finally brought to justice. Meanwhile, Malel is currently cooling his heels at Kituo cha Polisi cha Mto wa Mbu, kilichoko wilaya ya Monduli, Mkoani Arusha Tanzania, kwa kosa la kunajisi.

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