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Gabe Death, How Did Gabriel Salazar AKA Gabenotbabe Tiktoker Died In A Car Accident In San Antonio Texas Today



Gabe Death, Is Gabenotbabe Dead or Alive? How Did  Die In A Car Accident? At the moment we can’t confirm the authenticity of this piece of information but multiple sources are claiming that popular Tiktoker Gabriel Salazar more known by his fans as Gabe Not Babe died in a tragic car accident in San Antonio. A lot of information is flying in on social media as fans are sending their heartfelt tribute to the late social media personality who use the Tiktko platform to put smiles in the faces of his fans. A Twitter user who first posted the news in a series of tweets allegedly said Gab had a few hours ago posted an update on his IG while on motion in his car before the fatal crash. There are a lot more to know about Gabenotbabe and we will try as much as possible to give more information about him.

Is Gabe Salazar AKA Gabenotbabe Dead Or Alive?

It’s really hard to bear the loss of loved ones. Just a few hours ago news that popular Tiktoker, Gabe Salazar fondly called by fans as Gabenotbabe died in a car accident flooded the social media, though not confirmed yet by his family or management. Multiple sources allegedly claimed that the social media personality died in a tragic auto crash. We are yet to get more information about this development and the nature of the crash.

A Twitter post by an anonymous user claiming that the Tiktok star passed away read: one of my favourite tiktokers (gabenotbabe) passed away in a car crash & he had just posted a story on ig driving not even 24hrs ago… it’s so sad seeing young people w so much potential & life to live, die so fast & young. it’s so scary Disappointed face I don’t want to grow up.

Is he really dead? Gabenotbabe might be dead, for now, we can’t just confirm the information as it’s a developing story we will try to reach out to someone close to him to confirm the news he died by accident.

Who Was Gabenotbabe? More About Him!

Gabenotbabe bio goes from a story of rising from small to big. Gabenotbabe rose to fame in 2020 when he kickstarted his TikTok with only one video in February 2020 with the username “Gabenotbabe. One of his highest videos that brought him to the limelight of the entertainment industry was “POV I drop u off after our first time hanging out”, the video raked over 100,000 views on the video-sharing site.

Born on January 12 with the real name Gabriel Salazar but took Gabe Not Babe as his social Media identification, Gabriel Salazar is a social media personality who has made himself popular through his Tiktok page with over 1.2 million followers. He has grown his Tiktok from an empty land to a number of big communities. He is much known as a lip-sync performer and skit content creator whose videos has raked an estimated number of 70 million likes on TikTok. Currently, he has amazed more than 1,3 million followers and still counting.

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