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Bill Wauchope Cause Of Death – Wauchope of popular Glen Ewin Estate reportedly dies after a tragic car accident



Glen Ewin Estate mourns the sudden passing of Bill Wauchope who was reported dead following a tragic car accident on Monday.

According to Glen Ewin Estate on Thursday released a statement:

It is with a heavy heart that we share the loss of Bill Wauchope who died on Monday in a tragic accident.

Bill was an adventurer and gentleman at heart. He developed Glen Ewin from a wreck to its current beautiful state with the help of his family.
The sound of the tractor was his calling card and the rising sun his alarm clock.

Always contributing to the development of the property, always ready to provide advice and always ready to help.

We are surrounded by his endeavours as reminders of his wonderful spirit.
We will miss him dearly and continue his legacy.

The family would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to the Glen Ewin team, friends and the extended community for their wonderful support at this time.

According to reports Bill purchased the Glen Ewin Estate, A South Australian icon that been around almost 170 in the 90s after it practically became derelict.

The Estate began with horticulturist George McEwin, creator of the famous Glen Ewin Jam label. Production continued on the Estate for many years until the brand was bought by IXL back in the 80s.

How was Glem Ewin Estate built?

In 1843 Horticulturist George McEwin took up the land upon which the house and buildings of Glen Ewin Estate now stand, and began planting fruit trees and vines.

Glen Ewin was one of the earliest vineyards in South Australia with the first vines of Frontignac, Black Hambro and Roussillon planted in about 1845. However in 1891 wine-making ceased due to George McEwin’s religious concerns regarding the morality of the enterprise and, thereafter, effort was concentrated on the product for which the property became best known – Glen Ewin Jams.



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