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Piers Morgan slams ISIS bride monster Shamima Begum as she begs for forgiveness in a new interview video



Former Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan is on the news this morning after he slammed the ISIS bride monster  Shamima Begum who appeared on today’s Good Morning Britain shows begging for forgiveness.

Aggrieved by her appearance on the morning show Piers said she was too lucky that he wasn’t the one interviewing her this morning and said that the govt should not allow her to come back to the UK.

Shamima was broadcast live on Television debuting a very different look in her first-ever live TV interview.

She dressed in Western clothes with her hair visible and painted nails as she begged for forgiveness.

Piers feeling so angry about that and while tuning into her interview on GMB, said it was a good job that he wasn’t the one interviewing her.

He tweeted: “Just as well I’m not interviewing this lying, snivelling, cold-hearted, self-serving ISIS bride monster or I’d have seriously lost my temper by now. Begum should never be allowed back to Britain. Let her rot in the terror bed she made for herself.”

Shamima was interviewed by Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley.

Susanna asked her why she should be forgiven by the British public.

She said: “Because I made a mistake at a very young age, most young people don’t know what they want to do with their lives.

“I know it’s very hard for the British people to try and forgive me.”

British-born Shamima left the UK at the age of 15 to join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in Syria.

Her intention to return to the UK in 2019 resulted in mass public debate, and she ended up having her British citizenship revoked by the government.

It was later said that she would not be able to return.


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