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Two babies mysteriously dies few hours each in a creche located in East London


A creche located in East London has been closely following news of two babies who mysteriously died.

According to reports gathered, the unregistered daycare facility which is located in East London had the two babies names identified as Ezam Makhabane, (five months old) and Kwahlelwa Ndongeni, (six months old) were left in the care of a creche in the Southernwood area.

The infants died within hours of each other at the creche.

According to Sundayworld, The Provincial Health Department Head, Dr Rolene Wagner said the babies had been declared dead upon arrival at Frere Hospital.

The families of the two infants are demanding answers after their babies, died after being in the care of the creche and were rushed to the hospital last Tuesday.

The families stated that their babies died between noon and afternoon at the daycare.

The families said no ambulances were called and the owner did not reach out to them to inform them of the deaths of their babies.

Eastern Cape Department of Social Development spokesperson, Mzukisi Solani said the unregistered creche was shut down on Wednesday after social workers found it was filthy and lacked an educational programme.

It is not yet clear what the conditions of the infants were when they were taken to Frere Hospital, one by a taxi and the other by the same taxi, later on, the taxi was said to have been called by the owner.

The owner refused to comment on the registration status of the creche.

“This is a difficult time for us but I will tell you everything once I receive the autopsy reports from the police,” she said.

Ezam Makhubane’s father said this is painful because the owner is not telling them what really happened before his baby was taken to the hospital and why she did not call them.

“She did not tell us another child of almost the same age died as well, we will not rest until we get all the right answers, he said.

Millie, the mother to Ezam said, she is devastated and finds it difficult to move on because the creche was still open as if nothing happened on the day the babies died.

Provincial police informed an inquest is being investigated.

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