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Usama Canon Death & Cause Of Death: American Muslim Preacher reportedly dies



American Muslim preacher Usama Canon reportedly dies.

The news of his death was disclosed on Tuesday morning through a Twitter post shared by Musab who boldly said he can confirm of his sudden departure.

According to reports, Canon has been battling with ALS disease for a long time now

“I can confirm Shaykh Usama Canon, has passed away Ina Lila Wa Ina Ilayhi Raji’uun. Sh Usama has been battling ALS disease for a number of years. On the anniversary of the day he entered into Islam, also marks the day in which Shaykh Usama returned to his lord.”


Canon was diagnosed with the degenerative neurological disease ALS in the fall of 2017, the news devastated Muslim communities all over the world, which hold Canon up as a pioneer. They call him Ustadh, “Teacher” in Arabic.

He was diagnosed after noticing a change in his singing voice when reciting Quran or singing hymns. It was deeper, slurred.

His first thoughts went to his five children, who range in age from toddler to teenager, and his wife. He may never see his kids marry. Most people with ALS, often called Lou Gehrig’s Disease, survive between three and five years after their diagnosis.

And then he watched his friends and students digest the news. “It was almost like being a ghost in the room,” he says. “I felt like saying, ‘Hey I’m not dead yet, dude. I’m right here. Why are we pre-mourning?’ ”

Canon is the founding director of this place, the Ta’leef Collective, with campuses in Fremont, Ca. and Chicago. In Arabic, the name means “the coming together of many things.”

The Ta’leef Collective was envisioned as a “third place” between the mosque and home to provide Muslims, especially young or new Muslims, a space to explore their faith outside the confines of the traditional mosque. The nonprofit is part lecture hall, part gathering space, and part sanctuary.

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