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American rapper Kodak Black and Maranda Johson are expecting their second child and its going to be a girl – TMZ



“Project Baby” rapper Kodak Black and his girlfriend are expecting their second child.

Shady reports gathered from TMZ says Kodak and his real estate agent girlfriend Maranda Johson are going to welcome their new baby soon.

The reports also revealed that the couple will be expecting their baby girl soon.

Relating the news on Monday was Kodak Black’s lawyer Bradford Cohen who said that the couple conceived around April, so the baby girl is expected either late 2021 or early 2022.

Kodak has a 6-year-old son King, from a previous relationship, and it was gathered that he is ecstatic his second kid is a girl. Kodak who can’t wait to spoil his daughter, has already been doing some shopping for her.

Meanwhile, Florida Housing authority says they are upset with Kodak Black for giving out AC units.

According to, As the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished and Kodak Black is learning that lesson the hard way. The “Project Baby” rapper purchased 100 air conditioning units in July for residents living in the Golden Acres Projects in his hometown of Pompano Beach, Florida. Teaming up with Francky Pierre, who runs Philanthropic Work and Outreach, Kodak Black spent around $12,500 for the units and went door to door handing them out to the residents.

Despite his good intentions, the Pompano Beach Authority has issues with the rapper’s generosity and sent him a cease-and-desist letter in August accusing him of entering the property twice and that his arrival caused “disturbances.” They also claimed Kodak caused a disruption when he filmed a music video on the property and played loud music according to “TMZ.” The housing authority also took issue with him attempting to install the air condition units himself.

“Your actions have adversely impacted the property’s residents’ right to peacefully enjoy the property,” the letter read.

Bradford Cohen, Kodak Black’s lawyer, defended his actions and responded in a letter how disgraceful it was that they “wish to stop the assistance to the elderly and underprivileged during a heatwave and 2-year pandemic.” Cohen further stated in his rebuttal that Kodak didn’t film any music videos and that the background music was not loud.

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