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Alice Thompson: Estate agent wins £180,000 after her boss refused to let her leave early to pick up daughter



A female realtor from Weybridge, Surrey, has won a whopping sum of £180,000 after the boss wouldn’t let her leave early to pick up her daughter.

The story according to Metrouk said Alice Thompson, was earning £120,000 a year as a full-time sales manager at Manors from a small firm in London when she fell pregnant in 2018.

As the job required her to work until 6 pm, when nurseries usually close, she asked to go part-time so she could work four days a week and finish at 5 pm instead.

But company director Paul Sellar rejected the request, claiming the business couldn’t afford the new arrangement with reasons that her absence will cause a detrimental effect on meeting customer’s demands.

According to Metro, Ms Thompson resigned and took Manors to an employment tribunal, claiming she was driven to ensure her daughter does not have ‘the same experience’ when she grows up.

The panel awarded her £184,961.32 for loss of earnings, pension contributions, injury to feelings and interest, finding that the company’s insistence on a 6pm finish placed her at a ‘disadvantage’.

The hearing was told Ms Thompson was ‘successful’ and ‘well thought of’ at work, but tensions with Mr Sellar began after she revealed her pregnancy in Spring 2018.

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