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Left-Wing Greek composer and Activist Mikis Theodorakis is dead



Greece mourns their popular Left-Wing Greek composer and Activist Theodorakis who died on Monday, September 2 2021.

On Monday morning many people stormed the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens the burial chamber of the notable composer whose cause of death was not disclosed.

The 96-year-old Left-Wing composer, Theodorakis died on Sept. 2 in Athens after spending a lifetime dedicated to music and political activism.

A crowd of people waited for hours for his coffin, which arrived in the early afternoon and was greeted with applause and other signs of condolence.

His mortal remains will be deposited in the Galatas cemetery, where his father and brother are also buried, under the composer’s wishes.

Internationally, people know him best for ‘Zorba the Greek’, a soundtrack which became famous through Michael Cacoyannis’s film in 1964.

Theodorakis’ musical production, however, was very varied as it included not only soundtracks for movies but also operas.

He started his political activism when he joined the Greek National Liberation Front (EAM) to combat the Nazi occupation. Later, during the Greek Civil War (1946-1949), he was arrested and exiled on the Icaria Island and then deported to Makronisos Island.

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