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Drakes new music video keeps fans worried after he included Kim Kardashian look-alike model, Gallienne Nabila in the video



Drake’s inclusion of Kim Kardashian look-alike on his new video sparks outrage on social media, the latest music video released from the popular American singer has kept many people a lot about his feud with Kanye West.

In the viral music video, Drake was seen saying “wet by Drake”. Calling Kanye West “Desperate” And “Jealous” For Leaking His Home Address On Instagram.

Fans are already questioning whether the inclusion of Kim’s lookalike is another attempt by the singer to insult Kanye and escalate their feud further especially in light of the 2018 viral conspiracy theory that he and Kim had hooked up.

The features model had a striking resemblance to Kim Kardashian and this has raised many eyebrows.

In case you missed it, Drake released the music video for his song titled “Way 2 Sexy” on Friday, hours after he finally dropped his long-awaited album, Certified Lover Boy.

However, there was one scene in particular that caught fans’ attention — and not just for its ridiculously parodic set up.

In the scene, a group of four models are lounging around while promoting a fragrance called “Wet By Drake.” However, fans were quick to notice that one of the women in question looked extremely like Kim Kardashian.

“Did @Drake just have a Kim Kardashian look-alike saying “wet by Drake” in his video?” one fan questioned on Twitter.

“drake had a Kim lookalike in the video I swear for way 2 sexy,” another wrote.

“Am I tripping or is there a Kim look-alike in the video? 3:10?” wrote another.

Who Is This Model All About?



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The model in question is called Gallienne Nabila. In the music video, she could be seen repeatedly whispering “wet” while getting very close to Drake.

And, in a repost of the scene on Instagram, fans continued to point out the resemblance between Nabila and Kim in the comments.

Drake cosying up to an apparent Kim Kardashian lookalike is especially interesting given the recent resurgence of his long-standing feud with her estranged husband, Kanye West, ahead of the release of their respective albums.

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