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1yr old boy swallowed a button battery that had fallen on the floor at the end of last month, see what happened next



Accidental ingestion of the button battery has happened again. This time it was in London where a one-year-old boy living in the suburbs of England, accidentally swallowed a button battery that had fallen on the floor at the end of last month and is still hospitalized.

The boy’s mother spoke in interviews such as “The Sun” and “The Mirror” about the symptoms and dangers of accidental ingestion.

Hollie Phillips (27), a mother of two children in Watford, a suburb of London, saw her son Ralphie pick up something that had fallen on the floor and put it in his mouth on the 25th of last month. rice field.

Holly was wondering, “Is it a serial or something?”, And a few minutes later Ralphy burst into tears and spit like a fountain.

Holly took her son to the hospital in a hurry, but Ralphy was returned home that night after a metal detector test showed no abnormalities.

But Ralphy didn’t stop crying, lethargic and drooling too much. His back was bent and his face turned grey with blood, which was clearly abnormal.

Thinking “this is strange,” Holly took her son back to the hospital, where an X-ray revealed a coin cell battery stuck in his chest. Ralphy was then taken by ambulance to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

In the early morning of the 26th, two surgeons took three hours to remove the coin cell battery from their throats.

Holly looks back on that time as follows.

“Ralphy was repeatedly unconscious and recovering in the ambulance. I was worried that this child would die in my arms.”

“Actually, 26th is Ralphy’s 1st birthday. I was planning a birthday party, but the funeral came across my head. If it was 15 minutes later, Ralphy wouldn’t be alive. I suppose.”

“Ralphy was born with a hole in his heart and had surgery after birth, but this time he had no idea what would happen and was scarier than the surgery at that time.”

Although the operation was successful, Ralphy is still in the hospital, and the button battery has damaged the trachea and oesophagus, and he is feeding by inserting a tube from the nostril to the stomach.

If a button battery is accidentally swallowed and stagnates in the oesophagus, it causes severe chemical burns in as little as 2 hours. do.
“I didn’t realize that the coin cell batteries were in the house,” Holly said, “don’t repeat the same thing.”

“Button batteries will be used in many toys, but the batteries are not screwed and the lid will open easily. The use of button batteries in toys should be banned. world.”

“I was lucky to see Ralphy say something. I just regret returning to the hospital sooner.”

“If your child cries, peels his eyes, changes skin colour and begins to vomit, suspect a coin cell battery accidental ingestion. The vomit was reddish-brown and smelled of strong acid.”

“And if you believe in your intuition and don’t agree with your doctor’s diagnosis, don’t withdraw. And be sure to listen to your second opinion!”



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