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Your Business Is My Music & Not What I Do In My House – Zahara Comes After Those Who Says She Is Addicted To Alchohol



South African singer, Zahara has finally replied to those who say she is addicted to alcohol. The singer in an interview on Mac G’s Podcast lashed those claiming she takes alcohol to focus on her music and not what she does privately at her home.

The alcohol talk ensued due to the viral video of the singer who was perceived as an exuberant drunkard due to her act.

The singer shut down the alcohol claim and was more interested in preaching her music.

“I did not turn to alcohol, you guys turned me to alcohol. Let me tell you something, you don’t even have a picture of me in the club with a glass [in my hand]. They always say ‘sources say’ so I want to ask who is that source.” she said. “What I do in my house, it’s not your business…your business is my music. Don’t talk about alcohol if I want to drink champagne I will drink it today if I want, it’s not your business.”

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