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Magistrate court in East London postpones murder case of Nosicelo Mtebeni until 28 September 2021



Court has postponed the murder case of Nosicelo Mtebeni a 23-year-old student of Fort Hare student who was butchered by her boyfriend last week.

Nosicelo was butchered by her boyfriend and her dismembered body stuffed inside a suitcase which was later dumped in front of an apartment in East London last week.

The alleged boyfriend and killer were believed to have been in a relationship with Mtebeni.

Her murder has sent shockwaves through the country, with thousands calling for justice.

“There is more evidence to be collected. At the moment we have witnesses, one witness said she saw him leaving with the bags which carried the body parts,” NPA spokesperson Anelisa Ngcakani said.

“And also his confession, but there is more evidence that needs to be collected.”

The 25-year-old man was expected to appear before a magistrate’s court in East London on Monday in connection with the murder of his victim but unfortunately, the court has postponed the case until 28 September.

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