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Tesla Bot: Tesla launches a humanoid robot that will handle the “dangerous and boring” job



Elon Musk on Friday launched a new brand of Tesla robot this is coming after he successfully dominates the electric vehicle market and launching into the multi-million dollar space race, the billionaire announced he is going for a new milestone.

“Tesla is the largest robotics company in the world because cars are basically semi-sensitive robots on wheels. So it makes some sense to put that in humanoid form. “. With those words, Elon Musk explained in a virtual conference why he decided to launch his ” Tesla Bot “, with which he intends to eliminate “dangerous or boring jobs” such as bending over to pick something up or go shopping.

The unpredictable entrepreneur said Thursday that an initial prototype will be available next year and left a prediction of what will happen thanks to these types of artificial intelligence projects: ” Ultimately, in the future physical work will be optional .”

This claim comes as the company is under increasing scrutiny for its assisted driving system, which regulators in the United States are investigating after a series of accidents. Tesla is noted for making drivers believe that vehicles with the so-called Autopilot system can drive themselves.

The controversy over Autopilot was not discussed at the two-and-a-half-hour online conference Thursday, and no questions were asked about it from the audience. Instead, Musk assured that his future robot would be begin . He said the Tesla Bot, which will have five-fingered hands and will come in black and white, will be “friendly” and built in such a way that in any case “you can run away from it and turn it off .” ” Hopefully that never happens, but who knows, ” he joked.

However, Musk has a long history of featured products that later became prototypes. In November 2017, for example, the company presented the Tesla Semi , an electric cargo truck that has a range and speed greater than that of traditional trucks, in addition to having advanced safety measures. Although the launch was scheduled for 2020, the latest statement from the company regarding this product states that, at a minimum, it will have to wait until 2022.

On the other hand, Tesla’s stated mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy , so a humanoid robot appears to imply a gradual modification of this goal. The tycoon did not specify how this robot would be inserted into the company’s renewable energy initiative.

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