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China provoked Taiwan again, Sends 11 warplanes to fly through their island’s Air Defense Identification Zone



The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense denounced that eleven Chinese fighter jets exceeded its Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) on Tuesday, at a time when the island Navy had planned maneuvers in response to exercises announced by China. .

According to a statement from the Taiwanese Defense portfolio, the Chinese incursion was carried out with two Y-8 reconnaissance aircraft, a KJ-500 radar plane, six J-16 fighters and two H-6K bombers.

The Taiwanese Air Force issued radio warnings and mobilized different units until Chinese planes left the area, according to the ministry.

The incursion took place in the southwest of the island, near the Dongsha Islands, after the Taiwanese Defense spokesman, Shi Shunwen, assured yesterday that the Taiwanese armed forces were ready to “respond accordingly” to military maneuvers in the south. of the island announced by Beijing.

Colonel and spokesman for the Chinese Army Eastern Theater of Operations Command (PLA), Shi Yi, announced on Tuesday the sending by China of warships and combat and anti-submarine aircraft to the southeast and southwest coasts of Taiwan. to “test its operational capacity.”

The military exercises are a response to “Taiwanese separatist forces,” Shi declared, against whom his troops “will continue to strengthen their combat readiness.”

The Command added in a statement that “live fire exercises were carried out in multiple locations near the island” as a “response to provocations” by the United States and Taiwan, who would have “infringed the sovereignty of China”, becoming in “the greatest source of risk” in the Taiwan Strait.

In early August, the US State Department approved the sale of weapons equipment to Taiwan worth 750 million dollars, a decision that China described as “interference” in its internal affairs.

Since 2016, Taiwan has purchased weapons worth more than $ 16.7 billion from the United States to defend itself against a possible attack by Beijing, which, despite declaring its intention for peaceful reunification, has not renounced the use of the force.

In June , the island’s authorities reported that 28 Chinese fighter jets entered its Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).

The tension has also recently spread to the diplomatic arena.

On August 10, Beijing called its ambassador to Lithuania for consultations after Taiwan announced in July the opening of a representative office in Vilnius.

The military maneuvers come at a time when official Chinese media such as the Global Times pointed to the “abandonment” of Afghanistan by the United States, which should serve as a lesson to Taiwan that the US “is not to be trusted.” .

Taiwan – where the Chinese nationalist army withdrew after the defeat at the hands of communist troops in the civil war – has been governed autonomously since 1949, although China claims sovereignty over the island, which it considers a rebel province.


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