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Clubhouse Influencer, Jin Yu Has Passed Away


It has been confirmed on social media that Clubhouse influencer Jin Yu aka WOLFxLION has sadly passed away. The popular clubhouse influencer was reported to have died on August 10 2021. Circumstances surrounding his death has not been made known to the public at the time of filing this report but sources said he was recently sick with COVID-19 and was also placed on a ventilator in ICU.

Jin aka WOLFxLION played an integral role in the TIME community’s launch on the Clubhouse platform, which coincided with a historic NFT drop. He was the CoFounder of VEZT.co, the world’s first blockchain royalty marketplace, and the Talk Nerdy to Me Room on Clubhouse which has 170,000 members.

Confirming the news of his death, Music producer and songwriter, Rod Kim made a lengthy post on Facebook about Jin Yu.

Read Excerpts below:-

Jin Yu did so much and gave so much to everyone without expecting anything in return. He facilitated funding some of my last band’s music with new blockchain tech even though we weren’t popular enough to warrant his attention, he just believed in us. He was the opposite of what people think when they imagine the stereotypical “Hollywood” dude. We shouldn’t have lost him. In a world of douchebags and conspiracy theorists, why did it have to be someone who was doing actual good?.

Tl;dr The beginning of July he was a healthy dude and, in what seems like overnight, we got the news that he was in an induced coma and on a ventilator for the bug. It’d been a couple of weeks and everyone was hoping he’d pull through, but today I got the message that he didn’t make it.

This isn’t political, conspiracy theories or trying to prove whose ideologies are right…these are real people, their lives and the lives they’ve impacted. I won’t go into the list of things that most of us know we’re supposed to be doing to protect others and ourselves, because you know that by now. The science is sound and we’re learning more as time moves on. Please please please do those things, they’re not big asks in the big picture.

I would rather be overcautious than lose someone like Jin Yu. And I hope that you don’t have to lose someone to believe the science and do what, somewhere deep inside, you know you should be doing.

RIP Jin Yu, I hope there is a calm where you are now. You deserved better and anyone that knew you are better because of you.

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