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Popular Sri-Lanka musician Sunil Perera has been rumored dead few days after testing positive to covid-19


Popular Sri-Lanka musician Sunil Perera has been rumoured dead after testing positive to COVID-19 On few days ago.

The famous musician and leader of the band Gypsies Sunil Perera tested positive with the COVID-19 and since has been on ICU.

The earlier report gathered said he was currently receiving treatment at a private hospital in Colombo before the rumour that he died circulated the entire social media on Friday.

A report from a source has debunked the news of his death saying that it was a Hoax

“Stop spreading hoaxed information!!! Guys just, whoever the hell started this rumour I hope you will suffer in hell seriously!!! I mean Sunil Perera? Wena ekek hitiyeme nadda oyagollonta mewa pathuruwanna ahhh?”


JUST IN: – Relatives of Sunil Perera has come out also to say that the whole news of Sunil dying was fake and warned the public about the reports being spread on social media and that he is recovering from a corona infection, They also urge everyone to stop spreading false news..

Meanwhile, several well-known figures in the entertainment industry have contracted COVID-19.

Among them is the popular singer and leader of the well known ‘Gypsies’ band – Sunil Perera.

Also, well-known personalities in the industry – Giriraj Kaushalya, Sriyani Amarasena, Niroshan Wijesinghe, Shirley P. Delankawala and Roshana Ondachchi have also tested positive.

Recently, actress Shalani Tharaka too, announced on Facebook that she had contracted COVID-19.

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