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“Am sorry Robstar” – Finally DDG apologizes to Rubi Rose for saying she has “60 Bodies”



Rubi Rose and DDG are some of the most notable on-again-off-again couples in Hip-Hop. As they both continue to make strides in the music industry, it’s almost as if their stories are permanently intertwined with each other.

This summer, both the For The Streets rapper and the Die 4 Respect rapper was named XXL Freshman and featured on the annual cover.

The two artists didn’t star alongside each together in the highly anticipated XXL Freshman cyphers, but they did recently get into it, albeit indirectly, on Twitter.

Rubi threw the first stone by saying, “My next n*gga gotta be tall, I wanna wear heels.” However, things quickly went from playful jabs to full-out slut-shaming when DDG tweeted roughly thirty minutes later, “My next girl gotta have less than 60 bodies.”

DDG’s outlandish response shocked many fans, and soon, the “Moonwalking In Calabasas” artist doubled back and retracted his original statement that he made on Twitter, admitting that he was lying about Rubi Rose’s sexual history.

“My tweet was petty & made up, and i admit i took it too far, that’s my bad,” DDG said about his offensive comments before apologizing directly to Rubi Rose. “I’m Sorry Rubster.” See DDG’s Instagram Story response below.