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2and900 war thunder and popular content creator reportedly dies after committing suicide



This is too saddened to announce that 2and900 war thunder, a popular content creator has died.

The dude took his own life earlier today after posting a viral video on Youtube saying that he has been depressed after he failed to make much than he had expected from his video game youtube channel. 2and900  in the video said a lot about losing money than earning enough from his videos.

Following a report made by Swedish Meatball Gang on Reddit reads:

I don’t know where to begin and I’m not even sure how to say this. But we’ve lost someone that I feel has contributed a lot to the community today. 2and900 was a smaller channel that I have been subbed to for years on YouTube. As I’m sure many know by now, he posted a video a few hours ago saying he was quitting YouTube.

While many assumed he was doing just that, some of us realized something was off. Myself and a few others did some digging and for the family’s sake, I will not be divulging any details about them, his name, their names, or anything else. I feel however that as fans, people deserve to at the very least know what happened. What I will say is that we discovered who he actually was and I personally called the local police to investigate and perform a wellness check. I gave them all the info I was able to gather and my name and phone number. About 5 minutes later, I received a direct phone call from the officer who was on the scene.

Unfortunately, 2and900 took his own life tonight. We’ve lost a great member of the community and someone who I feel was very passionate about the game and put a lot of effort into his content. RIP 2and900 o7 You will be missed and you will not be forgotten.

Guys… if you’re feeling depressed, please seek help. You aren’t alone. People care about you. You have an impact and this scenario should prove that. People he never met reached out to make sure he was okay. You might not see it in the moment, but people do care about you and you matter. As someone who has been diagnosed with depression myself, I know how it feels. But life isn’t just the problems in front of you. Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems. You are important.

Edit: While I appreciate the awards, you guys really don’t need to award them. I’m simply giving you the information as it was told to me by the officer because his fans deserve the closure. I ask again that you please respect the family at this time and give them space. Also, please keep the comments civil and respectful. Thank you.

2and900 Brother & Mod Teams Confirms The News Of his Death

The report of his death has also been confirmed by his brother who also admitted that he died after committing suicide, this also has been confirmed by all his mod team.

“Yor will be deeply missed, he was one of the greatest content creators, always helped his followers and viewers, answered questions from everyone, had great videos teaching stuff about the game and aviation in general.”

2and900, your ”dev server” streams were the best out there, I’ll miss them greatly. Rest in Peace brother

Below is the video 2and900 dropped before takinh his life: – It is titled “My Last Video” and in the description, it says that if anyone stumbles upon his internet history, that they should delete it. I am very concerned for his safety and I am not sure what is going on. I assume the issues are private and I will respect that, but I am not sure he is safe.

Youtube Friends  And Fans Pour Out Their Heartfelt  Tributes:

Damn, I’m actually upset. You’re a great YouTuber, straight to the point in videos and always upbeat. Truly sad to see you go. All the best to you and your adventures in life o7.

Edit: I’ve heard the news and it deeply saddens me to hear about it. He was a great guy, the few times I played with him were great and he was very helpful. His videos and content I personally thought was great as well. May he rest well.      – From Duke3508

Thank you for giving us the content for War Thunder. The time you were doing content you were the first person I watched as far as war thunder news and dev server live streams. You do your best in life and you make the choices for what is best for you. Thank you 2and900     – From Joshua Patton

YouTube, and really life in general, never makes things easy. Personally, I’ve been doing different types of videos on my channel for nearly half my life and only recently did it start to pay off.

At the end of the day it’s your decision to make whether to stop making content or not but as one creator to another I would encourage you to never give up and continue chasing the passion you have for making videos. I made the mistake of getting myself stuck into the rut of making content almost exclusively on War Thunder and it was one of the most emotionally draining things I’ve ever done to myself. I’m not saying its a bad thing for content but you can unknowingly cage your creativity if you limit yourself to something.

Obviously this is just me talking from my own experiences and by no means do I say this to try and claim you are feeling the same way but I hope something I said can help you as you figure out what’s next.
Edit: Sadly I’ve heard my message will not be able to reach him but I hope any of you who may read this can take something away from it.     – From ConeOfArc

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