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American professional poker player Layne Flack reportedly dies



American professional poker player from Rapid City Layne Flack has died at the age 52.

The South Dakota born poker player was reported dead on Monday evening through a Twitter post shared by GGPoker Ambassador Daniel Negreanu where he penned down an emotional message.

“RIP Layne Flack… We go way, way back and I’ll cherish all the crazy memories.

Knowing Layne, I imagine he would want us all to celebrate his life and share some laughs about the good old days.”


Nothing was disclosed about the cause of Flack’s death at the time of filing this report.

Layne Flack was born on May 18, 1969. He started playing cards with his grandparents, but became engrossed in the game whilst working at a casino. He would regularly go to another casino after work to play poker.

Although Despite becoming the Night Manager in his job, he quit as he was spending too much time on poker to continue working full-time as well.

Flack met up with Johnny Chan who helped him improve his game and, following a big loss, encouraged Flack to ensure he had a lot of rest before a tournament. Ted Forrest then took him under his wing, eventually playing in the biggest games in the world.

As of 2010, Flack had won over $4,300,000 in live tournament play.

His 43 cashes at the WSOP account for $2,740,892 of his live tournament winnings.

Flack had won six bracelets at the WSOP. He got the nickname “Back to Back Flack” after winning two consecutive Legends of Poker events in August 1999.

He would accomplish the same feat three years later at the 2002 and the 2003 WSOP series.

Flack always seems to maintain a cheerful, likeable demeanour at the table. Sometimes he appears to be the only one at the table who is having fun.

During those times when Flack is able to keep a step ahead of his demons (more on that in a second), he is a friendly, but the much-feared force on the felt.

ou know how you often hear online hotshots talk about their bracelet (singular), or promising that “number two” is right around the corner?

He does have one daughter, Hailey Flack, who was born in 1995 and seems to be a great inspiration for Layne.

Layne graduated from high school in 1987, and attended college, but quit to pursue poker.

Cards were in his blood early. In the days before online poker, Flack, then 18, played a lot in Billings, Montana, where he managed a very small card room.

He later dealt poker games in Deadwood, South Dakota and in Reno, before making his way back to Montana, where he played and dealt seemingly non-stop in the state’s small poker rooms.

According to a story in, former WSOP champion Huck Seed, (also from Montana) took notice of Flack’s playing skills, and encouraged him to jump up to the big leagues in Las Vegas.

Tributes Floods!!!

The news of Flack’s death has taken many, especially from the poker community by surprise with many expressing shock and disbelief on social media. Others, like 15-time bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, Norman Chad remembered their longtime friend and fellow player.

“At the 2005 U.S. Poker Championship in Atlantic City, I walked into the Taj Mahal and saw Layne Flack, among others, wearing a ‘Fire Norman Chad’ T-shirt.

“Really?” I said to him.

He shrugged his shoulders and smiled. “It was free.” #RIPLayneFlack    – Norman Chad

“I lost a friend and poker world lost a friend: RIP Layne Flack. @themouthmatusow will do a LIVE show remembering Layne. Sean Chaffin will have an article out about the legendary—6-time @WSOP winner—w tributes from some of us. Mikey, Matt Savage and I on 3-way w tears in our eyes”     – Phil_hellmuth


“I’m so gutted as I just got the news [Flack passed] away in his sleep last night! I talked with him 2 hrs on phone a week ago and he was telling me how he had turned his life around.” – Mike Matusow

Matusow has made it public that he will do a live broadcast podcast remembering Flack later this week.

“Sad news today. My buddy Layne Flack has passed away. I’m sad. Just spent those days in Vegas with him and stayed at his house. Golfed. Poker. Hung out. Talked for hours. Loved his dogs, Bree and Piper. I’m thankful for the last quality time I had with him.”   – Patrick O’Malley

“Just gutted about [Layne Flack]. We were so close in the early 2000s. He was the best NL hold ’em player in the world back then and just had a brilliant poker mind. I will miss him making me laugh and all the trouble we got into and out of. RIP Layno.”    – Chip Jett

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