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17-year-old Boy Loses His Life As A Result Of School Bullying.., Family Demands Justice



The family of 17-year-old boy Lee Hyunseob are demanding justice for the death of their son who unexpectedly passed away on June 27 2021. According to the family, Lee took his own due to school bullying.

A petition post made by the family on says the young teen who was schooling at a boarding high school in Yanggu jumped to his death (Jumped From The Roof Of A High Building Near The School) after he was bullied due to a misunderstanding but unfortunately the school has claimed it had nothing to do with school violence.

Read Excerpts From Lee’s Family Petition

On June 27, at a boarding high school in Yanggu, my beloved second son jumped and died. Immediately after the death, the school claimed that it had nothing to do with school violence, but according to the testimonies of friends, it was a combination of obvious cyberbullying, bullying, and the teacher’s indifference.

Due to a minor misunderstanding, my friends circulated articles sniping my child on the Internet, and at the same time, spread the word so that all students in the boarding school would know. Due to the nature of the boarding school, where we live together 24 hours a day, our son was bullied and had to endure alone until he woke up and went to sleep. None of my friends told the teachers or parents that my son was having a hard time.

This is probably because the children were disappointed to see that the school was making the victims more difficult in the process of dealing with the many bullying cases that had already occurred this year. When I asked the teacher for help, I said, ‘Isn’t it because you’re sensitive? It’s probably because you’ve already learned through many experiences that it only makes the victim more tired, but doesn’t help solve the problem at all, such as saying, “Record your friend’s swearing.”

A particularly heartbreaking fact is that my son attempted to self-harm two weeks before the incident.

A senior who found out about this by accident made it clear to his class teacher that there were other self-harm attempts with our child, but he told the truth to neither my son’s homeroom teacher nor me as a parent. Also, during the consultation with the homeroom teacher the day before the incident, he shared his difficulties with difficulty, but the inappropriate response of the homeroom teacher made him make the extreme choice of ‘commit suicide.

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