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#ZumaUnrest: 5 persons confirmed dead as parts of the Phoenix community takes up arms amid #ShutdownSA protest



#ZumaUnrest – The violent protest in the country has escalated to other parts of the Phoenix community where some individuals have taken up arms, Reports say at least 5 people accused of looting are dead.

Several cars torched by armed residents who forced people to leave the area. They  said they are “just protecting their families.”

The situation there is extremely volatile and many have been advised to stay away from the area.

Looters already have now entered the Letsoho shopping centre in Katlehong looting taking up items in the shop worth a fortune.

Many shops and stores in the country have been affected since the unrest started.

Similarly, Umzinto Prison in KZN has set ablaze by unknown persons, In a viral video uploaded today, prisoners were seen on top of the roof trying to escape from the already burning building.


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