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Jeff Makhubu mayor of Johannesburg reportedly dies



Jeff Makhubu Johannesburg mayor has been reported dead after battling with covid-19.

He was a South African politician who served as the Mayor of Johannesburg from December 2019 until his death from COVID-19 in July 2021.

He was a member of the African National Congress and the party’s regional chair. During the administration of Parks Tau, he served as the MMC (Member of the Mayoral Committee) for Finance.

Makhubo was born in 1968 in Soweto in the previous Transvaal Province. Wits Business School in 1997. He also earned a Leadership in Local Government certificate from the University of Cape Town.

He was the chairperson of the African National Congress Youth League while in his youth. served as the Johannesburg MMC for Finance under the mayoralty of Parks Tau.

He also held the roles of Leader of Executive Business in Council and Chairperson of the Governance Cluster when Tau was mayor.

Makhubo had served as the Co-President of the Metropolis Global Fund for Cities Development (FMDV).

He had held senior leadership roles in the African National Congress’s Greater Johannesburg Region. Makhubo was the regional treasurer before he became the regional leader in July 2018.

He was appointed as the caucus leader of the ANC in the city council after the resignation of Parks Tau in May 2019.


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