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A thief took a woman hostage after robbing a cell phone store in Angra dos Reis, what happened to him later will shock you



A dramatic scene was created on Wednesday morning in the tourist city of Angra dos Reis in Brazil on when a criminal took a woman hostage on public roads, threatening her with a firearm, and was killed by police shots.

Local authorities reported that the man had entered, along with three other thieves, a business dedicated to the sale of cell phones and the assault was truncated by the arrival of the Military Police to the place after the attacked employees denounced what was happening.

Two of the four assailants surrendered to the police and a third managed to flee. But the fourth man decided to take an employee hostage and use her as a human shield in his attempt to escape.

The criminal took the woman by the neck and with a 9 mm caliber pistol in his hand, he kept pointing at her head while he looked for a way to escape.

Witness footage shared on social media shows the minutes of tension and how several agents surrounded the subject while he was walking to get away from the robbed shop until a plainclothes policeman opened fire to kill the attacker and free the hostage.

The local government later reported that the man was transferred to Japuiba Hospital for medical attention but died due to the severity of his injuries. The other thieves were taken to the Angra police station but the third is still at large.

The authorities also indicated that the woman did not present any injuries other than the nervous breakdown she suffered as a result of what happened.

One of the videos on social networks reveals that many civilians who were close to the incident celebrated with applause the shots that killed the 20-year-old robber.

This event occurred in the center of Angra dos Reis, a city located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, one of the most violent in Brazil and which registered 3,536 homicides in 2020, according to figures from the Public Security Institute.

According to data from the Brazilian Public Safety Yearbook 2020, between January and June of last year about 26,000 people were killed – one every 10 minutes – 7.1% more than in the same period of 2019, despite the restrictions implemented for the pandemic.

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