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“You can’t be defying court orders and then ask for pardon” – Reverend Frank Chikane on Zuma’s sentence



South African civil servant, writer, and cleric Reverend Frank Chikane has said his mind on the arrest and court sentence of former South African president, Jacob Zuma.

Frank said for one to seeking court pardon he should not be defying court orders and then ask for pardon.

In his view, Reverend Frank Chikane said that the Former president should get a presidential pardon if he applies for it.

However, He says pardons are difficult in their nature and more complicated if it is political.

“The former president Zuma assisted a lot by handing himself over to the authorities. I think that the standoff was not helping the country at all.

“It has avoided any risks that were anticipated so we really thank him for taking that position and making that decision,” Chikane said.

“On the issue about the pardon: Let me say what I said because the words can be problematic.

“I was asked whether I would consider a pardon if he asked for it and my view is: Pardons are a prerogative of the president there are rules that govern pardons, you can’t just do it ordinarily,” he said.

“I said that but people who apply for pardons, in my view, would be those who say, “I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have done this” or “this has happened. I’m asking for a pardon”.

“It can’t be that those you are defying the courts and then ask for pardon.”

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