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Another day of armed clashes in Caracas: criminal gangs attacked a Bolivarian National Guard headquarters



Violence and armed confrontations are growing in Caracas. This Thursday afternoon, the criminal gangs that confront the security forces attacked the headquarters of the General Command of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) in El Paraíso, in the Venezuelan capital.

The event was recorded in a video recorded from inside the military headquarters. Several soldiers are seen hiding behind barricades made with sandbags in the images, and dozens of detonations of firearms can be heard.


The attack was perpetrated by the gang led by Carlos Luis Revete, alias “Koki” , for whom the Chavista authorities offer a reward of half a million dollars, as well as by Garbis Ochoa Ruíz, alias “El Galvis”, and by Carlos Calderón Martínez, alias “El Vampi”.

“These have gotten out of hand,” a police official, sheltered in El Paraíso, where the general command of the National Guard, a military body in charge of public order, told the AFP agency under reservation.

The Special Actions Forces (FAES), for their part, managed to reach the top of Cota 905, the neighbourhood where the clashes began on Wednesday and took “La Galera”, the place where Koki, Garbis and Vampi held their parties.

A new confrontation between police and criminal gangs has been registered in the Venezuelan capital since Wednesday, with a balance of at least six deaths, most of them due to stray bullets, according to local media. After several hours of terror, the authorities announced this Thursday a new “deployment” and recommended that the population “take shelter.”

Uniformed with armoured vehicles, they were stationed early in the deserted streets of El Paraíso, a middle-class area in western Caracas, adjacent to the Cota 905 neighbourhood, where violent gangs operate that for months have staged shootings against the forces of order.

They did the same in other areas of western Caracas affected by the violence sown by these criminal organizations.

The criminals “have modern weapons,” another agent acknowledged to AFP, who said he was waiting for the “green light” to “clean all this up at once.”

Within the framework of these criminal attacks that have intensified since December 2020, the Minister of Interior and Justice of the Venezuelan dictatorship, Carmen Meléndez, referred to an “impeccable operation” with more than 1,400 officials that left 38 detainees.

This Thursday the official reported “the deployment of a new protection and safeguard operation” to the inhabitants of five broad sectors of Caracas affected by the unleashed criminality. “The state security agencies continue to be deployed in the areas violated by these criminals and will not rest until they recover absolute control (..) The call is to remain safe, maintain calm and trust in our institutions,” he wrote on Twitter.

“We warmly thank the uninformed people, our heroes and heroines of the Citizen Security and Peace organizations, who, putting fear on their backs, are demonstrating once again their vocation of service to protect and safeguard the families of our country …) A new demonstration of the conscience, the historical strength and the loyalty of a people, lovers of Peace and that do not kneel before the claims of isolated criminal groups that sow violence, hatred and terror in our communities “, wrote Chavista hours later the minister, in a message that was shared in their social networks by dictator Maduro.

Despite the danger of walking the streets of Caracas, during the day today residents of the Cota 905 neighbourhood mobilized with saucepans to demand the cessation of hostilities.

Several videos posted on social media show dozens of people marching through the streets, hitting the saucepans. In one of them, three people can be seen carrying a child who was injured in the head. At the moment the minor’s health status is not known.

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