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Cuban rapper, Michael Marichal drops emotional massages after fleeing from his country to the US 15yrs ago



Michael Marichal pens down an emotional message after fleeing from Cuba to the United States.

The rapper shared this through his social network handle, recalling how he arrived in Miami 15 years ago, fleeing the crisis of socialism that has plunged the island into poverty and backwardness for more than six decades.

Michael Marichal celebrated his arrival in the United States on Monday after escaping the island in 2006.

“On July 5, 2006 I put my bare feet on the shore of Key Largo. 80 hours sailing among sharks, thirsty. My only baggage was the desire to be free and prosper. I’ve been celebrating that goal for 16 years.

In capitalism, I achieved what socialism denied me in years. Great USA! ” , the Cuban published in a message through his account on the social network Twitter.

In a video posted on social media, Marichal recalled the way he came to the United States 15 years ago, fleeing the crisis of socialism that has plunged Cuba into poverty and backwardness for more than six decades.

“I arrived barefoot, shirtless, full of mosquito bites, I spent 80 hours browsing, I saw sharks and I managed to arrive on July 5. From day 4 I already saw the fireworks of the celebration of July 4 we saw it from the sea, but I arrived on day 5 ” , narrated the rapper.

The artist, who is popular for writing songs against socialist and communist systems , took advantage of the occasion of the Independence Day of the United States to thank the land that gave him the opportunity to live with dignity, express himself freely and grow as a person. and artist.

“30 years before, I didn’t even have a bicycle and in the first year in the United States I was able to buy my first car,” celebrates the Cuban, who also added, “I’ve already had about six or seven cars. anus. I have my own recording studio ”.

Seated, showing the place from where he records his musical productions, Marichal said that he is “making a new album called ‘Mirar por inside’, with more spiritual themes.”

The Cuban artist, who is living the well-known “American dream,” said that with the video he intended to convey his appreciation for the opportunities that have been offered him in the United States.

“The message of this is that when you come with your luggage, you bring a desire to get ahead and succeed; and you arrive in a country that provides you with those resources, you get ahead and you succeed. If you come to eat shit, no, but if you come to work and fulfill your dreams, you will achieve them, ” said Marichal.

Marichal has composed several of the songs performed by the group of Cuban rappers grouped in the album La Resistencia.

The urban singers El Invasor, Daryelo Sánchez, Keren Kmanway, Real Beltrán, NavyPro, El Ejército, FlowT, El Analista got together with Marichal to dedicate the first single of La Resistencia to the Cuban dictator Miguel Díaz-Canel, in a song they titled ‘ DiazCaldosa ‘ .

Songs such as ‘Mercenarios Terroristas’ , ‘Guarapito Mea Poste’ , ´Anatomía de Socialismo´, ´Historia´, ‘Humberto’ and ‘Oe Policia pinga’ , are some of the most emblematic songs of one of the most critical Cuban voices against the totalitarian regimes where communism is established.


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