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Professor Lauren Berlant Dies



George M. Pullman Professor of English at the University of Chicago and author of “The Female Complaint”, Lauren Berlant has reportedly passed away at the age of 63. She was reported to have died on June 28 2021.

The of her death was confirmed on Twitter in a series of tweets made by tweeps today.

Reacting to her death via Twitter, Maggie Hennefeld described Lauren as a brilliant feminist scholar whose work has been a touchstone for her.

So deeply sad to hear of Lauren Berlant’s death. Her work on effect, laughter, humorlessness, comedy, feminist theory, the slapstick of survival, cruel optimism, & the aesthetic/collective politics of fantasy have been such touchstones for me. RIP to a brilliant feminist scholar; she tweeted.

Dr Elisabeth Anker, a professor and political theory at GWU in a series of tweets said she made a review of the hundreds in 2020 based on what Lauren did for many people like her.

Her Tweets Read Below:-

I am devastated by Lauren Berlant’s passing. Their brilliance changed the world. I wrote a review of The Hundreds last year titled Worldmaking In A Shitstorm which is actually what Lauren did for so many of us: creating worlds out of the disasters of the present.

I had the incredible pleasure of reviewing the manuscript of Lauren’s next book for Duke U Press, On The Inconvenience Of Other People, and I desperately hope that book will be published. We all need to be inconvenienced by Lauren’s breathtaking brilliance, again and again. RIP.

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