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Erica Mena Wows in her new Pregnancy Looks



Hip Hop and sensational pop star Erica Mena is looking hot and flawless as she steps out for the first time since she became pregnant.

Erica who is holding her head up high is preparing to welcome her second child with her now-ex, Love & Hip Hop co-star Safaree.

According to Hotnewhiphop, The reality-TV couple have been constantly surrounded by scandal, admittedly, sometimes of their own creation. As of late, the drama has evolved into a real divorce and custody battle over their daughter, Safire, and unborn child.

Safaree has been creating an uproar beyond dissolving his relationship with Erica, with rumors that another woman may be expecting his child. As if that wasn’t enough, the rapper recently announced that he is preparing to bleach his skin.

As we reported, the stress has apparently become too much for the expecting mother, causing complications with her pregnancy. Erica even told long-time critic Wendy Williams she was right all along about the couple’s messy relationship.

Erica has been very active on her Instagram throughout the chaotic recent weeks, sending out what seems to be indirect messages to Safaree, sharing quotes about struggling. Among her recent ones with pointed undertones: “You’re rare, so people are going to fall in love with the idea of having you, but most of them aren’t used to rare, they’re foreign to it, so they’ll lack the capacity to treat you as such. And that’s where they lose you.”

She wrote alongside it, “Protection of my heart is all I crave from now on.”

Aside from her quotes, Erica has been sharing photos showing off her pregnancy glow. Check out the gallery below.



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